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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  January 18, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EST

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haiti in crisis. food, water, and medical supplies remain scarce despite a massive international relief effort. >> i've never seen anything so devastating and far reaching. and you cannot go to any part of this city where there's not affected. kabul under siege. the taliban launches a door natured series of attacks. and a golden night for "avatar." the 3d science fiction adventure flies away with the golden globe for best drama. this is the "cbs morning news" for best drama. this is the "cbs morning news" for monday, january 18th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm michelle gielan. in haiti this morning, the
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earthquake relief operation is slowly moving forward, but logistics and the threat of violence are hampering the efforts. hear's the late peches the despite the massive international relief effort, food, water and medical care remain scarce. there are increased incidence of looting and violence. by today, more than 10,000 u.s. troops are expected in the region. some will assist with security. today former president bill clinton meets with haitian president and six days after the quake struck, rescue crews are still pulling survivors from the rubble. rob morrison is in port-au-prince with more. >> reporter: late into the night, a rescue operation that began on wednesday came to a miraculous conclusion, a 40-year-old woman and 30-year-old man were pulled alive from the rubble of this collapsed supermarket by rescue workers who worked tirelessly. the united nations estimates more than 70 people have been pulled from chanced buildings. sunday's success stories also
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include a u.n. worker, a hotel owner, and director of haiti's income tax authority. >> very happy, of course. >> reporter: but keeping survivors alive is a much larger problem. an estimated 300,000 are homeless, many of them injured. just one mile from the airport where relief supplies are coming in, 85 residents of a nursing home have received no food, water or medicine. one man has already died of starvation. at an aid distribution site, supplies ran out and those still in line stormed the gates angrily searching every box. others desperate for medical care crossed the border to the dominican republic to this overcrowded hospital. >> the patients are now five days and a lot of very bad condition. and we have to do a lot of amputation. >> reporter: while the grief here seems insurmountable, many haitians are determined to try, gathering near the rubble of
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their churches, searching for peace. rob morrison, cbs news, port-au-prince, haiti. part of the growing frustration in haiti is getting desperately needed aitd to the victims.u.s. mail taker is are running the congested port-au-prince airport. some aid officials from other cups complain their planes aren't being allowed to land. doctors without borders says a plane carrying its inflatable hospital was denied landing clearance. the medical crews on the ground in haiti are working around the clock in primitive conditions. cbs news medical correspondent dr. jennifer ashton arrived on friday and has been working ever since. >> we're sitting on a time an outbreak. we're desperate. >> reporter: another day and more cry tease. the clinic would wreer working is maxed out. too many injured, too few facilities. >> i am sitting on top of an amputated arm and leg because i have nowhere to take them.
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>> reporter: the u.n. owns the land where the clinic's been staged and needs it back. >> so the whole operation will move. patients and doctors alike on monday or tuesday. the worst cases are finally being moved. this u.n. bus was our evacuation ambulance, even though its doors were too narrow for the stretchers. during the jarring, dusty, plea mile drive, an infected patient nearly went into cardiac arrest. >> drop the camera. >> reporter: the second one whose second most critical is a 5-year-old boy. and then this girl has a pelvic fracture. we don't even have the ability to really stabilize her. >> so we'll take this lady and we'll at that time one who was -- a kid here, as well. >> reporter: but we arrived to an incredibly welcome site, the
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israeli field hospital, the rolls-royce of emergency medical care. set up in just eight hours and able to handle 500 cases a day. about 50% of the patients are women. 30% are children. >> we've been in turkey, i said i can't, kenya. it's the biggest disaster i have seen. >> reporter: dr. jennifer ashton, cbs news. this morning taliban militants launched a according natured and widespread attack in the afghan capital. police engaged the militants in fierce gun battles, as many as 20 armed militants including several suicide bombers, took part in the attack. explosions were heard throughout kabul. afghan officials say at least five were killed and 38 wounded. and joining us now on the phone from kabul is fasoul radio heem. you you can tell was eat latest
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on the situation? >> reporter: between morning. although we do not have a very clear picture still of what has happened because there is still and on going firefight as we speak, but the latest we got so far is that a number of militants armed with machine guns, rocket grenades and hand grena grenades stormed a shopping mall in the heart of capital kabul a few blocks down from the palace very cloe to t very close to the government building which is were attacked in the same way early last year. the latest figures we got from the government officials is that at least 52 people were injured and eight people were killed, including three security forces.
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and the shopping mall is cleared. so far the minister of defense i spoke with, at least four militants were killed in that shopping mall, two of them detonated their suicide vests and two were killed in the exchange of fire. >> and this seems like a really brazen attack, more than we've seen in a while. what does this tell us about the insurgency? >> reporter: it shows that the insurgency is changing their tactics. they're getting more sophisticated and they're doing more attacks. that did not have a history like that until last year when they first launched an attack like that at the hotel in which
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something like 20 people, including eight foreign nationals, were killed. they have had similar attacks in the last year, a few of them, the last on the united nations guest house in which six united nations international staffers were killed. >> okay, thank you so much. five americans being held in pakistan on charges of terrorism say they're being tortured. they appeared in court today. the men all muslims were arrested last month. today they were officially charged with plotting terror attacks in pakistan. as they were being driven away, they shouted to reporters that they are being tortured. prison officials dem they ear being mistreated. >> the map who shot and wounted pope john paul in 1982 is out of prison this morning. left the prison compound in a convoy of vehicles.
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he will be taken to a hospital to be assessed for com pull sorry military service. he spent 29 years in prison after attack on the pope. in a statement last week, he said he would answer questions on the attack in the coming weeks. just ahead on the "morning news," a presidential push in the massachusetts senate race. plus, the oscar race is on as "avatar" sweeps up the golden globes. first harry smith has a preview of tonight's "cbs evening news." hundreds of thousands in haiti are still desperate for help and without food and water, time is running out. aid is pouring in. isn't it getting where it's needed most? i'll be live in haiti with complete coverage tonight on the "cbs evening news." [ jennifer garner ] there's a lot of beautiful makeup out there...
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but there's one that makes your skin look better even after you take it off. 98% of women who tried neutrogena healthy skin makeup thought so. does your makeup do that? neutrogena cosmetics. this is onstar reporting a stolen blue chevy tahoe, south on i-75, near exit 5. we're on it. onstar, we may have that tahoe. ok, i'll flash the lights. we got it. it's in the clear. i'm sending a signal to cut the power.
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we got him. mr. ross, the police have recovered your tahoe. "avatar." >> last night the blockbuster science fiction epic "avatar" won the golden globes for best
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drama and best director for james cameron. >> if you have to go 4 1/2 light years to another made up planet to appreciate this miracle of a world that we have right here, well, you know what, that's the wonder of cinema right there, that's the magic. so thank you. sgl sandra bullock won the dramatic acting award for the blindside and jeff bridges for kay i crazy heart. mirl streep won for julie and julia and robert downie junior for sherlock holmes. the winners are usually the favorites to win oscars it at the academy awards. on the cbs "moneywatch," stock markets in asia took a dive this morning. japan's nikkei indegs fell more than 1% and hong kong's hang is an last nearly 1 purse. alexis christoforous has other headlines. >> reporter: investors have plenty to look forward to when they return from the long holiday weekend. it is a huge week for earnings with 65 companies in the s&p 500 set to report. expect results in companies including citigroup, bank of
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america, american express, and ibm. stocks took a beating friday after jp more morgan chase it is appointed investors. it reported big losses this its credit card and mortgage loan businesses. that overshadoweded a big jump in its investment banking business and in the end the dow industrials lost 100 points. the nasdaq composite gave back more than 28. the better business bureau is warning americans will jury scammers who steal your identity. it's reportedly been around for years, but complaints have risen in recent weeks. here's how it works. the thief calls you claiming you missed jury duty. to make sure they're calling the right person, sdhe for your personal information, including social security number and date of birth. court officials say they never ask for this information over the phone and urge you to report the call to your local authorities. for moorehead line, just head to in new york, i'm alexis christoforous. president obama was on the campaign trail in massachusetts. the president made a last minute trip to boston yesterday to try
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to help martha coakley win tomorrow's special election to fill ted kennedy's senate seat. coakley would be the 60th vote to pass the health care reform bill. she's in a very tight race with republican candidate scott brown who opposes the health care overhaul plan. straight ahead, your monday morning weather. and in sports, a dramatic surprise win in the nfl playoffs. i had chronic muscle pain all over. and i was so tender to the touch-- but i didn't know why. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia. and then he recommended lyrica... fibromyalgia is thought to be the result of over-active nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is fda-approved to help relieve the unique pain of fibromyalgia. lyrica is not for everyone. tell your doctor about any serious allergic reaction that causes swelling or affects breathing or skin, or changes in eyesight including blurry vision or muscle pain
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here's 00 look at the weather in some cities around the country. new york, windy with clearing skies at 45. miami, 79. chicago, 36. denver, 55. los angeles, rain and 63. time now for a check on the national forecast. the latest satellite picture shows thick storm clouds sweeping over the west coast and it's a nasty stormy morning across the northeast coastline. later today, conditions will begin to improve across most of the northeast. the south will enjoy a nice sunny day and it will be dry across the midwest and plains. in sports, the minnesota vikings and new york jets move on in the nfl playoffs. a big upset of the chargers by the jets as rookie quarterback mark sanchez threw a go-ahead 2-yard touchdown pass to dustin kerl in the fourth quarter. and shonn greene follow that had with a 53 yard touchdown run as new york beat san diego 17-14. the jets face indianapolis next
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sunday for the afc title. and minnesota's brett favre threw four touchdown passes against dallas and the vikings demolished the cowboys 34-3. minnesota plays new orleans in the nfc title game next sunday. in college basketball, fourth ranked villanova got 27 points from scotty reynolds. the wildcats are tied for first place in the big east after the 82-77 win over number 11 georgetown temperature. and michigan's zack novak made a tie breaking three-pointer and manny harris followed with a lay-up. that gave unranked michigan a 68-63 upset win over number 15 connecticut. when we return, we'll take another look at this morning's top stories. and the struggle to help the more than 1 million orphans in haiti. got the flu... and it was bad. there's nothing more important than the ones you love, which is why now is the time to protect them and yourself.
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on the c"cbs morning news,"
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here's a look dat's weather. rain will be soaking much of california for most of had week. it will be a beautiful day throughout the south and the northeast will see some afternoon sunshine. here's another look at this morning's top stories. taliban militants launched a series of attacks in the capital of afghanistan this morning. they targeted the presidential palace, other government buildings and a shopping small and movie theater. and survivors are still being pulled from the rubble in haiti. six days after a massive earthquake. despite a massive relief effort, food, water and medical assistance remain in short supply. before the quake struck in haiti, there were numerous parents here in the u.s. waiting to adopt haitian children. now they're in a desperate race to write them home. than well gallegus reports. >> reporter: amidst the days on in haiti are frightened and vulnerable children. and for those orphaned before
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the earthquake, a difficult life is growing more desperate. at the house of the children of god orphanage, 125 kids are now living in tents without enough food, water or medicine. >> they are very scared. that's why everybody we in one place and i sleep in the middle of them and we pray with them. >> reporter: one of those is this little girl. sherry and mike from colorado are in the middle of the long process of adopting her, making several trips to haiti, even bringing their daughter. after the quake, they had no idea if she had even survived. sunday cbs news was able to help them find each other. [ speaking foreign language ] >> are you okay? >> yes. >> yes, you're okay? >> reporter: some 50,000 children were living in licensed
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orphanages in haiti when the quake hit. 600 of them in the process of being adopted by american families. but with documents buried in the rubble and even caregivers killed. child advocates are trying to convince the u.s. government to immediately grant haiti's or fans what's called humanitarian parole. >> that would allow these children to enter the united states very quickly without a lot of paperwork. and safely, securely and eventually end up in the family that will adopt them. >> reporter: more children are already showing up at this orphanage. >> kind of hard to say in a no because they are so desperate. so desperate. >> reporter: they're hoping they'll be united soon. >> your mommy loves you so much. >> i love you, too. >> reporter: chided a vow vow cats are hoping the u.s. government grants humanitarian parole within a few days. and the next hurdle is air lifting them out. manuel gallegus, cbs news, new
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york. sgloond arrange this morning on "the early show," harry smith in haiti with continuing coverage of the earthquake disaster. i'm michelle gielan and this is the c"cbs morning news." ♪ [ male announcer ] you wanted to quit smoking so many times, but those days came and went and the cigarettes remained. ♪ today's a new day. talk to your doctor about prescription treatment options and support. and this time, make it your time. one reason? lubriderm® contains the same nutrients naturally found in healthy skin. skin absorbs it for a clinically shown 24 hours. for skin that looks and feels truly comfortable. lubriderm®. your moisture matched. people often choose light foods without really looking. 310 calories? 8 grams of fat? compare that to select harvest light soups.
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in the news this morning, several missionaries are back in maryland after secure arriving that deadly earthquake. >> i just want to get home. security breach, another scare at jfk sends security
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scrambling. and ray rice opens up about his costly fumble late in the game in indianapolis. that and more coming up. ,,,,,,,
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good morning, it is january 18th and eyewitness news has weather and traffic together. good morning. 29 days from spring, think about


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